Aave week is live at DeFi Saver

To celebrate the massive success of Aave, we’ll be offering free imports* to a DeFi Saver Smart Wallet for a limited number of users!👻

Aave week is live at DeFi Saver

The Aave liquidity protocol has been growing at a staggering rate and has recently made it to the number one spot in total value locked, thanks in part to their introduced liquidity incentives for Aave v2, as well as their greatly successful Polygon launch.

DeFi Pulse has also been visited by the friendly DeFi ghost.
Fun fact — did you know that aave is Finnish for ghost? It’s pretty similar in Serbian where we have avet .👻

To celebrate this massive success of Aave, we’ll be offering free imports* to a DeFi Saver Smart Wallet for a limited number of users!

Head on over to https://app.defisaver.com/ enter your account address or log in and turn on Simulation mode to try everything out in a simulated environment, without affecting your real funds until you’re certain of your next move.

Make sure to select “current account” so you can try out things with your actual position.

Once you’ve tried out the interface and decided you could make use of the additional tools available, feel free to continue with the migration and then reach out to have the transaction cost reimbursed!

We’re available in our Discord, on-site chat, as well as Twitter DMs, so feel free to connect wherever most convenient.

*Terms and conditions apply:

  • Offer valid for 100 first users or until June 06 23:59 UTC.
  • Offer only covers 1 migration/import transaction.
    (You may initially need to create a Smart Wallet / dsproxy, too.)
  • Offer valid only up to a gas price of 50 Gwei.
    (E.g. if your transaction uses 1.5m gas units at a paid gas price of 52 Gwei, offer is valid only for up to 1.5m * 50 Gwei)

Why consider migrating?

There are a number of features you gain access to once you migrate your position to a Smart Wallet:

  • Boost and Repay for 1-tx leverage or deleverage
  • Unlimited debt swaps
  • Unlimited collateral swaps
  • Automation for liquidation protection and automatic leverage management
  • Access to interactions between Aave and all other integrated protocols in our Recipe Creator!

The migration process involves moving your position from your standard Ethereum account to a Smart Wallet, which is actually just the standard dsproxy, most popular for its use in MakerDAO. But once you’ve migrated, the funds won’t be manageable through Aave’s default app as it doesn’t support smart contract wallets — so keep that in mind.

Talk soon and have an aavesome week!👻

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